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Linguasoft LMP® (Language Maintenance Process) is a powerful solution for your language maintenance needs. Chances are we have already solved issues similar to yours. In the unlikely event that your need is not listed here, the solution is just one click away: contact us and consider your problem solved.

« If you give a human a fish, you feed him for a day.
If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life »

This traditional saying is the base of our ethics: helping without holding.



Language Input

We make sure your language can enter in a computer without any compromise. You get the best of both worlds: your language can be maintained thru technology, while retaining all its traditional features.

Direct Input

Keyboards for languages that use a non-Roman or a modified-Roman alphabet.


Transliterators that take a text in one writing system and yield the same text in another writing system.

Speech Recognition

To provide users of your applications with voice-control.

Language Processing

Once the language is in the computer, it can be processed in various ways.


A tool suite that allows to restore old files, make them compatible with modern software, and accessible to the broadest users base.


Converters that take a document in one file format and yield the document in another file format.


Transcoders that take a text in one encoding system and yield the text in another encoding system.

Language Output

This is all about getting the language out of the computer and making sure it gets properly delivered, published, disseminated...


A product that is perfectly adapted to the specificity of a market, region, country, or linguistic area.


A product that is perfectly adapted to all the linguistic communities of the world. A tool that doesn't change anything to customs and traditions of users.

Speech Synthesis

To provide users of your applications with a spoken version of an electronic document.

Community Coaching

We help communities maintain their traditional language: from their grant applications, to coaching their members on language maintenance and fieldwork, to following up on the evolution of the language.


A documentary base that illustrates the language: texts, archives, tales, legends, traditional stories, articles, booklets, reports, etc.


Reference documents that allow various categories of people to study the language.


To give your linguistic community the means of protecting its language.


To give your linguistic community the means of sustaining and promoting its language.


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